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Madonna Carter Jackson

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Asbury Park: A West Side Story
Asbury Park: A West Side Story (2007) by Madonna Carter Jackson is a book of photographs by Jackson’s father, Joseph A. Carter, Sr. (1917-1980). Carter, who operated Carter’s Photographic Studio, photographed the African American community extensively for decades, creating an unparalleled documentary record, described by his daughter as “individuals, families, weddings, church functions, clubs and organizations' events” dating from 1938 to 1980. Presented here is a selection of the photographs from the book, documenting social and economic life, street views, medical care, recreation, music, politics, and other aspects of the black community from the 1940s to the 1960s. According to Helen Pike, “He began with a sidewalk-level studio on Springwood Avenue after arriving here from Florida in the 1940s. Despite his studio left unharmed by the 1970 riots, Carter moved to 715 Mattison Avenue above the Klitzman, Klitzman and Gallagher law firm. When her father was diagnosed with pancre atic cancer, Carter Jackson persuaded him to let her take most of the negatives from his East Side studio for safe-keeping. The move was prescient: In 1978 the building was destroyed by fire. Today it is the site of a parking lot opposite Bistro Ole.”

Photographs on display include:

Springwood Avenue, 1960s
Bruce & Carter’s Drug Store, Rice Jewelers, and Knuckle’s Electric
Carver Hotel, 1950s
Carter’s at the boardwalk, 1950s
1950s Parade on Springwood Avenue
Dr. Lorenzo Harris and Mrs. Louis Hughes at a blood drive in Asbury Park
Mortgage burning at Asbury Park Elks Lodge
Jazz & Blues Band, Sam Pugh on piano
Meat Market on Prospect & Bangs Avenue
Masonic Lodge beauty contest, 1950s
Bobby Hill’s Shoe Shine Parlor, late 1940s
Asbury –Neptune Branch of NAACP, 1960s
Ladies Golf Tournament Player, 1960s
Cotillion at Convention Hall, 1950s (2)
Elks Parade on Springwood Avenue, 1950s
Courtesy, Madonna Carter Jackson

Jackson, Madonna Carter. Asbury Park: A West Side Story. A Pictorial Journey through the Eyes of Joseph A. Carter, Sr., Photographer, 1917-1980. Denver: Outskirts Press, 2007.

Pike, Helen. “A West Side Story Retold,” The Coaster,, last accessed September 6, 2007.


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